February 17, 2011

John Martyn

The Glasgow raised singer and songwriter John Martyn and his album from 1971 released on Island and produced together with John Wood is recommended. Also on the list of credits is his wife Beverley Martyn playing guitar and singing. All through laid back melancholic sounds with few weak parts. If you like the early 70´s British folk scene this is a record to look in to.

On the recordings Martyn experiments with a tape echo called Echoplex, giving him possibilities to stretch out and add things to the stripped down recording.

"The predecessor of the Echoplex was a tape echo designed by Ray Butts in the 1950s, who built it into guitar amplifiers, including those of Chet Atkins and Carl Perkins. Tape echos work by recording sound on a magnetic tape which is then played back; the tape speed or distance between heads determine the delay, while a feedback variable (where the delayed sound is delayed again) allows for a repetitive effect.”

Excerpt from Wikipedia on the subject Echoplex.

Head and Heart - John Martyn

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