March 1, 2011

Scientist A Deh Dub Specialist

It´s not everyday that you get a new Scientist album in the post. Today was that day though and what a record. Scientist "Launches Dubstep Into Outer Space" is much better than i could have ever hoped for. I like Dubstep, but the main problem with it and all other modern bass music from the UK is that it´s for the most part not dubby enough. I never understood why you wanna call something Dub and then forget to dub it? With Scientist behind the desk this is not the case here. Modern style rhythms with one of Dubs living legends = super niceness.

I was meaning to do a midtempo disco mix for this week but instead i chose to do a tribute mix to the man called Scientist. This mix contains tracks from way back when he landed on earth, won the world cup, became heavyweight champion of the world and encountered Pac-man. Feel free to download, put it in your player, walk down to the shop and get the above mentioned album and while your at it don´t forget the latest Barry Brown re-issues on digikiller which also holds some heavyweight Scientist dubs.

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