April 25, 2011

Easter Folk

A new folk-rock mix with a lot of fresh music. The Jim Sullivan song comes from his privately pressed 1969 debut which was reissued last year. He released the same record in 1970 but with a different and much worse mix. So I'm glad that the private press finally was reissued because the whole album is outstanding and otherwise very hard to find. The Judy Henske & Jerry Yester song was also released on their debut in 1969 and one year later they renamed themself to Rosebud and released another album before they divorced. The Rosebud album is underestimated and includes many nice folk-rock songs but not as good as their debut. The Oriental Sunshine, Strawberry Alarm Clock and Lewis & Clark Expedition songs are Eastern influenced with sitars. Also listen to the break in the end of the KO Bossy track, which I think is really good. Hope you like it!

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