May 16, 2011

Flea Markets

In almost every flea market or garage sale there are at least a few records to go through. In 99% of the cases there is just junk that you find but once in a while, maybe once a year, there are one or two records that you think is a real find. That of course is why you always take your time to go through all of the crappy records. The find for this year was made in a flea market in the Stockholm archipelago. It had just opened and sold records for 5 Swedish kronor each, which is less then $ 1. I went through the records, mostly classical and Swedish folk music, and then I saw a psych-looking single, which appeared to be Spanish and I thought that this looks interesting. I bought it along with a bunch of other records, many of which I had no idea what it was. That is another aspect of buying records on flea markets, you can find very weird titles and stuff you don’t know anything about and because it cost nothing it is worth taking a chance. Once again, almost every time the records are just crap but you never know that until you come home and listen to it. This time there was not just junk, except for the Spanish single I also bought a soul record, which I could trade for the Serpent Power album in one of the records stores in Stockholm. The reason why I wanted this record was that I also found the Tina & David Meltzer album in the flea market and they were formerly in Serpent Power. The other interesting record I found was a Finnish record with mostly cover songs but it also contained a nice version of “Bosses låt” that was originally recorded by a Swedish progg band called Fläsket brinner.

Shelly y nueva generacion-Devil Woman (La Mujer Diablo) (1968)

I believe they released three singles in total and this is, what I have heard, their most freaky. Devil Woman is maybe not the best song you have heard but it’s fun and weird. The flip is I'm Just A Fool and is a better effort with nice drums and more garage feel. That song is also part of the soundtrack to a Spanish film called Un, dos, tres, al escondite inglés.

Cirius-Bossen Laula (1974)

They released two albums and this was there second one. There is not much information on the internet and the records do not seem to be of anybody’s interest. Most of the songs are no good but I think they made a great version of this one, it has a good beat with a nice break in the end.

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