July 1, 2012

Message to the world

Summer greetings, and a message to the world – music is sacred our language is profound, from godfather Ron Trent and on the behalf of Passing Clouds Crew. This music mix brings surface to some newly made tracks and some goodies from way back (as always). The playlist is of course to your service below if there is any particular track you want to get closer to!

Image courtesy to Louis Darget

Take care – big love!

1. Paradise architects – Theo Parrish
2. Body drummin – Afefe Iku
3. Loop me again – E-Dancer
4. Doubt – Delphic
5. Another world – Mutant Dance Beat
6. Warrior dance – Simoncino
7. Corcovado – Mr Hermano
8. Bocachia – Dj Leroy
9. Paist – G-Litter
10. Outer drive – Three Chairs
11. Never let you down – Jerry McAllister
12. Message to the world – Ron Trent

Message to the world

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