July 11, 2011

Business as usual

New mix with more folk, psych and loner stuff. Last post for me this summer, next time will be in September or so.

Mick Softley-If You're Not Part Of The Solution, You Must Be A Part Of The Problem
Bernie Schwartz-Round And Round And Round
Hoover-Leave That For Memories
Val Stöecklein-Say It's Not Over
Bob Lind-White Snow
Owl-As The World Keeps Turning
Arthur Gee-Love Song 450
Gelin And His Boys-Take Me Away
Serpent Power-Forget
Appaloosa-Pascal's Paradox
Pete McCabe-The Experiment
Bob Brown-In These Flames
Tina And David Meltzer-I'm So Willing
Marcus-Butterfly Girl
Adrian Pride-Her Name Is Melody

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