July 18, 2011

Greetings from Stockholm

First out in the postcard series; Greetings from Stockholm, and it includes a couple of house tracks from New Jersey, late eighties. Mostly from the label Movin' Records that I recently discovered and became fond of. Nevertheless my favourite track this week is I've got the music, beautifully sung by Boyd Jarvis, Movin' Records, 1987, check it out.

Pleasant summer!

1. The Vision - Shardé
2. Park Ave. - Don't turn your love
3. Bäs Noir - My love is magic
4. Vicky Martin - Not gonna do it
5. Ron Trent - Piano track
6. Before the Storm - I've got the music
7. Bäs Noir - I'm glad you came to me
8. Ron Trent - Seduction
9. No 1 - Deep penetration
10. Turntable Orchestra –-You're gonna miss me
11. Don Carlos - Alone

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luke said...

wonderful! thanks :-)