September 28, 2011

Padjelanta Music Festival

Video and music from Elevated Pitch, consisting of Tobias Wessman and Gustav Samrelius.

A secret music festival took place in Padjelanta nature reserve late this summer, mainly focused on electronic music. To get to the site both musicians and audience needed to walk for half a day. One of the musicians, our own Gustav Samrelius, share some experiences:

I consider music to be a carrier of thought a compass of direction, guiding you, a wilderness to get lost in, but still close to get back, just like the Saiva festival in Padjelanta, a place for collective creativity, a place truly celebrating the beautiful nonsense of our excistence, One morning I was dancing on a boulder and suddenly I noticed that the fog had rolled in and formed a smoke ring around us, was an amazing feeling, felt like it was trying to shelter us keep us in this state of mind for a while, If we work with the right ambitions anything is possible, we can create beutiful nothingness and be receptive as we create.

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