September 12, 2011

Planetary Boundaries

The Earth System has been defined to have nine planetary boundaries which it have stayed within for the last 10 000 years. During this period the Earth System has remained stable and created a suitable habitat for human development. Today our modern societies have pushed the system passed three of the boundaries and moving dangerously close to some of the others. To move beyond the planetary boundaries is to enter a world of uncertainty where we do not longer recognize or can control the processes of the Earth System. Then we stand helpless as our planet may transform into something that no longer favor human development.

So the question is, how can our society transform so that it will remain within the safe haven of the nine planetary boundaries?

"Earth oh Earth where we all living
Earth oh Earth where we all belong
Or Can Nature be wrong?"
-Excerpt from "Ship" by Mick Softley, 1970

To read the full scientific paper and more information on planetary boundaries press here or listen to Johan Rockström’s (the main author of the article) presentation here

This mix is inspired by the concepts of planetary boundaries and adaptive cycles.

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