January 30, 2012

Sun Ra

The mysterious Sun Ra and his band the Arkestra have built an mythology around themselves considering influences from various sources, such as Kabbalah, Rosicrucianism and ancient Egypt. In the field of jazz music he is one of the most controversial figures and leaving impressive career and legacy behind. A career that spans many styles of jazz.

The music catalogue of Sun Ra is therefore hard to summarize, but for me the things before the more free forms of jazz is the most interesting. Records from the early sixties, playing a strange form of big band jazz. This LP Fate In A pleasant Mood was recorded in 1960, but released in 65. The song Ankhnation, taken from the album, is also seen rehearsed in the film A Joyful Noise which was filmed in 1978 – 80.

A Joyful Noise(film - Ubuweb)Documentary on Sun Ra and his band.

Sun Ra and his Arkestra - Ankhnation

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