February 6, 2012

Living Is An Art To Be Good At

Back again. New mix from Eric with more loner and folk-psych. Excellent stuff!

Dave Bixby - Morning Sun
Kathy Smith - If I Could Touch You
Kusudo & Worth - The Gull
Naomi - I Have A Blue Sky
Kevin Vicalvi - Lover Now Alone
Hendrickson Road House - Forget About You
Bob Desper - Dry Up Those Tears
Shaun Harris - I´ll Cry Out
Nick Drake - Black Eyed Dog
Jackson C. Frank - I Want To Be Alone
Townes Van Zandt - Highway Kind
Bill Fay - Screams In The Ears
Peter Howell & John Ferdinando - Tomorrow Come Someday
New Riders Of The Purple Sage - All I Ever Wanted
Michael Hurley - The Tea Song


Anonymous said...

hi there,

congrats for the superb mix.
how could i download it?


Birdman said...



To download music just press share on the player and a sign saying link to mp3 will appear, then follow the instructions from divshare – enjoy!